March 27, 2014

Obama to meet progressive Pope

President Obama did meet with Pope Benedict, but his upcoming meeting with the much more progressive Pope Francis is a meeting he might actually be looking forward to having.

Via Time:
In the first year of his papacy, Francis has shifted the Catholic conversation toward Obama’s side of the court, lowering the heat on culture-war battles like gay marriage in favor of an emphasis on the least fortunate...

In 2009, Obama met with Francis’ predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. The two talked for a little less than half an hour, nearly double the 15 minutes that had been allotted. In a conversation that seemed to be a search for common ground, the two discussed immigration, the global economic crisis and the peace process in the Middle East. Benedict raised the issue of abortion, and Obama pledged to do everything in his power to reduce their numbers.
The president and Pope Francis are aligned on a lot more than they are in disagreement over (for example,abortion). Expect this meeting to go longer than 30 minutes.

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