March 26, 2014

Obamacare delays - success is not an option

You shall not...commence?
Yet another delay has been announced in an on-going series of delays for the Obamacare rollout.  Politico has a list of the Obamacare delays.  But it's not a complete list.  If you combine it with the list from the New York Times and the delays that Hot Air notes the New York Times forgot to include, you get closer to the real number of delays.  Fox News today was quoting over 30 delays in total.

It seems that Democrats really don't want the ACA to succeed after all.  Anything they can do to delay the rollout until after just one more election cycle they seem to be quite willing to do.  Success is not an option.  Meanwhile they are claiming that it is the law of the land and that repeal will never happen so Republicans should just forget all about that.

While all of that is going on, the Hobby Lobby case against Obmacare's contraceptive mandate is being dumped on by Supreme Court justices appointed by Obama and if they get their way with swing vote justice Kennedy, they'll have more legal precedents with which to arm themselves.

Speaker Boehner summed it up best (for a change) with this:

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