March 23, 2014

Quick thoughts on various topics

Some observational quick hits for today.

Sour Grapes:  Mitt Romney, we know you would have done better than the president as far as the Crimean crisis goes. Unfortunately continuing to blast him beyond your original op ed, will just come across as sour grapes.

Get it right guys: The White House blasted Matt Drudge for bragging about about paying the penalty for Obamacare when the penalty doesn't kick in until next year.  Except as a small business, the quarterly payments have technically started.  Get it right liberals.  Maybe you should read the 2700 pages of the ACA, and the 50,000+ pages of tax law to know what you have wrought upon the nation rather than just lashing out blindly.

Missing airplane, missing journalism:  I haven't said much about the missing Malaysian airlines 777 (if anything).  It's providing great cover for CNN to not talk about Obama's terrible response to the Crimean crisis.  And for them to speculate about black holes swallowing up the plane.  As far as the missing plane goes, my prayers are with the families of those who were on the plane.  The anguish must be immense.

Buffett of hypocrisy:  Warren Buffett offered a billion dollars to whomever could pick a perfect bracket in the NCAA college basketball tournament.  The odds of anyone getting it right are astronomically low, so he feels safe in doing it.  But from a guy who said he feels the rich don't pay enough tax, wouldn't the optics be a little better if he just paid the money in taxes?  Just saying.  The truth is that Warren Buffet's claims about the rich and taxes are ridiculously hypocritical.  He knew the odds were in his favor on the tournament (oops!), and it is no different with his taxes.  He doesn't want to give his money away in any way.

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