April 22, 2023

The root cause of woke capitalism

Going back to the Bud Light issue I discussed earlier today, I want to make a point about the root cause of woke corporate culture.  Companies didn't decide all at once to abandon reason for becoming woke.  And it isn't simply a matter of responding to a Facebook/Twitter bubble culture (of years gone by in the case of Twitter, but on-going on other social media platforms).  Nor is it the bureaucratic growth of self-important HR (Human Resources) departments that spew this corporate social responsibility garbage, as some suggest.  HR departments are a symptom not a cause of the problem. What then is the root cause?

Let's work backwards through the chain.  Companies, as more conventional, conservative executives and management age out, need to replace their leadership with newer, younger talent.  That is done through a process of hiring in which Anheuser-Busch's recently taken leave VP of Marketing serves as a prime example.  Companies look to the educational system to find what they consider to be the elite of the educated wherever possible (i.e. if they can afford it).  What they consider elite are institutions are Ivy League schools typically.  But even beyond those Ivy League schools, colleges and universities in general were always left-leaning and the tilt has grown ever-sharper over the decades.  They are incubators of socialist NPCs/drones/non-thinkers.  They have, over many decades, rooted out critical thinking and replaced it with dogma.  

Because these institutions have always had a liberal bias they are predisposed towards furthering that bias. How they got that way to begin with is for another time, but the phrase "those who can do, those who can't teach" is not out of place in the discussion.  The disaffected and unsuccessful end up in education. While that is not to say they are the entire population of educators but rather those who can be successful in teaching but have proven unsuccessful elsewhere end up teaching their blame-others dislike for capitalism to students who have not yet (fully) developed the ability to do some critical thinking. Woke universities are incubators for a woke populous, including its leaders.  And of course it has trickled all the way down to grade school educators and school boards.

But even woke education is not the root cause.  Woke education is fuelled by money that allows it to continue to exist. The money comes from two sources; enrolment and donations from those who can afford it.  Donors are coming from an increasingly insular leftist-thought-bubble elite who have the money to influence thinking, and from government funding.

The root cause for woke capitalism to continue is of course, money.   It may have not been the initial seed, which was socialist and communist idealism among a few, but they were a few who understood how to make their ideas take root.  Once it has done so the growth of woke into corporate culture was, eventually, inevitable once the critical mass was attained.  There's a reason that the likes of Soros have moved on from funding ANTIFA and professional protesters to District Attorneys because they have consolidated their gains and are moving onto the next battlefield.  As conservatives we have been playing defense since the 1960s and have not moved beyond that mindset.

But while we will always have to play defense, we also now need to mount an aggressive offense.  We cannot change Harvard overnight but education is where we need to start and marshall our resources. And Harvard is not the place to do it, it's too far gone.  We need to work with the same organic growth strategy as the left has done.  The difference is we need to do it with parallel institutions.  Public education is bad. It's really bad.  We don't need to try to fix it, where that is not possible.  Instead we need to replace them with our own alternatives from pre-school right through higher education.  That is playing offence.  Boycotting Bud Light is playing defense, but any successful team HAS to do both effectively.

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