April 25, 2023

Vote these patsies (or liars) out in 2024.

Manchin, Tester and Kelly all need to be voted out of office in the Senate in 2024.  Here's Joe Manchin claiming buyer's remorse on the Bill he sponsored - the Inflation Reduction Act - because he isn't getting what he agreed to out of it.

Buyer's remorse? Here's the thing, he's either a liar trying to position himself as a stand-up guy for his own reelection effort, or he's a gullible patsy undeserving of the office. Either way, not good.  I'd say it would be good for him to move across the aisle and become a Republican, but do we really want him, or anyone of that caliber?  It's not worth it.  He needs to be voted out West Virginia, make him a former senator.  The same goes for the other two supposedly independent-leaning senators.  They are all socialist liars to their voters, or else patsies. 

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