April 12, 2023

Failed War on the Left

Years ago I wrote a couple of posts on countering Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, a pseudo-communist manifesto to exert leftward pressure within the United States (or any Western democracy for that matter).  Later I even wrote a series of Rules for Patriots. What have we done in the intervening decade plus? Not nearly enough.  We've become exceptionally good at ceding ground so quickly, even those on the left have been overrun by even further left-leaning radical non-thinkers. The likes of Elon Musk, Jimmy Dore and even Bill Maher are looking at the lunacy (to which they all contributed) and are wondering what the hell is going on.

Sure we all complain about the lunacy of where we find ourselves today, but that's not really doing anything at all.   I've come up with a few simple things that we must start doing, en masse to affect change towards sanity before it reaches the point of no return.  Never in my lifetime did I expect to be so close to that point.  Even during the abysmal Obama administration did I not think it was near-unfixable.  Turns out the Democrats do more damage with a senile leader than with a pseudo-intellectual leader. With his out-of-touchness in command they seem free to run amok. Now is the time to act, it has to be.

Here are a few concrete counter-offensive items to not just ponder but actively pursue, effective immediately:

Education: We bitch about the woke running the education system, but it's because we have let them.  It is the left who have pulled us to the point of having drag shows for young children.  We allowed it by not being demanding enough. The left sees the classroom as an blank slate where they can insert whatever they want.  Why aren't we doing the same?  Why are we not demanding that American history be taught, and taught correctly?  Why are we not demanding grammar be taught, that any other patriotic idea be taught?  We should be filling up school board agendas with our own versions of topics instead of inclusivity, global warming, etc.

Target Isolation: Straight outta the Rules for Radicals playbook but flipped on its head (after all we are the ones called radicals now).  What is happening with Bud Light right now is the example to follow; pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.  We are succeeding in driving down the brand and parent company.  Here's the rub, we cannot boycott and mock everything headed leftward, instead we need to pick a few high profile examples and make examples of what will happen if you continue leftward.  

We should not let up at the moment as we have the left on run on this one.  Be wary as they try to shift the narrative, keep up the pressure, because it's working.  Share your story about Bud Light. Make it funny or exciting or unique.  Keep the headlines going in our direction.

Word Matter: The 'failed war on drugs' is a perversion of the original concept of 'the war on drugs', but it took hold.  Why has no one ever decried the 'failed war on poverty'? Democrats have used the phrase for many decades yet poverty still exists. Why?  Because their ways have failed. One word changes the whole perception of the issue. Why not leverage that?

I encourage you to try these ideas and share them with your fellow patriots. Otherwise we have a failed war on the left.

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