October 16, 2019

Anti-war liberals (including the media) want more war in Syria.

President Trump gives liberals what they wanted when Bush was president.  Now they hate him for that too.  So what does the president do?  He fires back.

I understand wanting to support America's allies. Conservatives understand and generally support that notion too.  But president Trump is more aligned with the libertarian viewpoint (e.g. Rand Paul).  He is also being consistent.  America first also means with respect to military activities too.

While I lean more towards working with allies who are willing to work with America, I can understand the president's viewpoint.  It's not ideal in my opinion, but I get where he is coming from.

The anti-war liberals who want to stay in Syria to help the Kurds have a consistency problem that I cannot resolve on their behalf.  Clearly Orange Man Bad trumps every other consideration for them and if the president did not pull out they would have the same level of horror with his decision.

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