October 7, 2019

Climate activists are pawns - an economics lesson

The world is going to end, soon, unless we stop greenhouse gas emissions entirely, and soon. This is what climate activists are demanding. But those emissions primarily come from manufacturing and energy production.  Climate emissions have skyrocketed in China and India while having declined in the United States*.  That's not uncorrelated to offshoring of manufacturing jobs to Asia. They are pawns.

The establishment wealthy want to offshore jobs to countries where they can pay 70 cents a day instead of $100 a day.  They are the same ones arguing for free trade and against tariffs on China because they say it is bad for consumers.  True, prices would be higher but it does not matter to a consumer if  they don't have a job.  It's as hard to afford $10 for pants as $50 for pants when you are broke.

It's also true that free trade is a good thing for all parties.  Except what is being passed of as free trade really isn't free trade.  Market restrictions in China means that they have free access to our markets but we have highly restricted access to their markets. Further the companies have an easy way to move production and therefore jobs) to cheap labor countries, but you as a producer of labor do not have the same freedom of movement if you are willing to work for less.   Even smaller businesses do not have the same mobility of labor options.  A small dairy farmer or manufacturer can't just move production to China.  Free trade would be truly borderless for all (which is not entirely without it's pitfalls).

So these wealthy business owners have distinct advantages over their competitors and consumers.  They have created the situation where they continue to gain wealth at the expense of jobs and smaller, weaker competitors.  Why would they want that to change?  That's why so many wealthy support climate change activism.

If you are a climate activist, unless you are a billionaire producing items to sell in China and selling them in the Western world, you are a pawn and working against your own self interest.  It behooves you to investigate how global warming climate change activism began.  You'll find it's rooted in socialism (and it's attempt to destroy capitalism through whatever means possible) and married tightly to mega-corporations leveraging the marriage of free trade and climate activism to take advantage of a gullible public to enrich themselves.

*Energy production has already been changed from coal to natural gas and nuclear power in the United States in significant proportions.  This is a large part of why emissions have declined (the other being jobs disappearing).

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