October 2, 2019

If Hillary Clinton jumps into the 2020 race, can she win?

Very short answer: NO.

Short answer: Not even the Democrat primary.

Slightly long answer: Not a chance - even though the establishment (including Never Trump Republicans) wants her (even more than they would settle for Biden), no one else does.  She's toxic - anti-Hillary voters will flock to Trump and/or any other Democrat candidate to make sure she doesn't win the presidency or even the nomination.  If Hillary enters the Democrat race, the race will settle into Biden and Warren more quickly than you can imagine.

Long answer:  she doesn't deserve one at this point. Get back to me if she announces an intention to run - probably the day before the first primary if she's running (so as to continue to avoid any potential scrutiny).

This is not to say she isn't going to run.  On that issue I am less sure, even though I doubt it.  Nevertheless, here she is on The View talking 2020 and trying to sound better than the rest of us.  Note she mentions it's still early.  Watch only if you have a strong stomach.

In summary, she has no chance.  She's still bitter, still feeling entitled (she has not learned from being beaten by both Obama and Trump that you actually have to work for it to win it) and neither the left or the right are interested in an establishment candidate at this time.  She has no visible path to the presidency and even if there was, it's a very, very, very long shot.

For that reason I don't think she is really in it to run, just to sell books.  Either that or she is really as deluded as we thought in 2016 and before that.

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