October 4, 2019

Phony Impeachment 2, like many sequels, sucks

Phony Impeachment 2, the sequel to the first phony impeachment flop, sucks even worse than the original.  

Let's see, a CIA agent, a registered Democrat gets assigned to the White House and shortly after the rules were loosened dramatically (to the point of hearsay) on what is required as evidence for whistle blowing, the whistle blower talks to Adam Schiff et. al. and submits a complaint against the president.
Nothing to see here folks:

Post faux-impeachment machinations the media goes into full tilt impeachment hysteria, completely ignoring some profound evidence (including an admission by the man himself) that Joe Biden was doing exactly what they are accusing the president of doing. They ignored the fact that what they are calling quid pro quo from the president occurred after the president had long since suspended aid to Ukraine. They are ignoring the fact that the president of the Ukraine when asked, said he felt no pressure whatsoever.

Nothing to see here folks. Let us tell you what really happened and trust us.

It's no wonder the president is not going to cooperate with Congress on the inquiry without a vote on whether to proceed with an impeachment inquiry (which is an established norm). He's learned that cooperation does absolutely nothing when dealing with Democrats other than getting them to double down.


  1. so explain to me how investigating biden for corruption that happened 4 years ago is unfairly influencing the upcoming election any more than demanding trump tax returns from 4 to ten years ago??

    1. Corruption should be a no-brainer disqualifier for elected office but it isn't always because voters are not always up to speed on it.

      But to answer your question - when Democrats have their tactics turned on them they cannot handle it. Politics is hard ball and president Trump is the first Republican in decades not afraid to fight back. That's why they hate him and claim everything has done, is doing or will do is illegitimate


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