October 11, 2019

NBA team kicks out pro Hong Kong fans from game.

Is this the NBA trying to avoid getting into politics the way the NFL was sucked into it by Colin Kaepernick? Maybe they see it that way but most people see it as the NBA capitulating to communist China.

They have a lot of financial interest in China, and businesses like the NBA have been playing by the rules that were set out for them.  After pro Hong Kong tweets by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, the NBA commissioner grovelled to China in apology before partially walking that back after a flood of criticism.

The NBA finds themselves in the spotlight and trying to balance their financial interests in China with free speech.  Here's the problem.,  The NBA is trying to avoid committing to anything and hoping it will all go away.  The non-committal is de facto capitulation.  They need to come down either way - as pro-China or as the American way; pro freedom (ergo pro Hong Kong).

American values have not spread to China due to ridiculously pro-China trade liberalization.  Liberals argued for doing that with the Soviet Union to liberalize that system.  That's not what happened.  Ronald Reagan spent the U.S.S.R. into dust.  Peace, through strength.  President Trump is doing the same thing now - making the fight economic.

Yes, there is disruption to companies like the NBA.  But so too others like Apple.  Adapt or die.  Americans will not, or at least should not tolerate any company that is willing to get into bed with a totalitarian, oppressive regime like communist China.  If they won't do it on their own, maybe the rules governing trade with China need to be made more punitive.  Dealing with China is an existential necessity.

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