June 2, 2017

Kathy Griffin career implosion, day 2

Earlier today I watched Kathy Griffin's version of the Obama apology tour mixed with Hillary Clinton style meltdown.

After what appeared to be a heartfelt apology for going to far, today Griffin was all about blameshifting and justifying her action. If the grotesque, ISIS-esque 'comedy' was not career suicide, today's news conference should do it.
Griffin, who asserted that she has been contacted by the Secret Service, said the Trumps are “trying to ruin my rights forever.”
She sounds like a 6 year old. The Secret Service are engaged in due diligence - something Griffin should have done prior to participating in a mock beheading of a sitting president. As for the Trumps - how did she expect them to react? Stop pretending to be a victim mere days after you engaged in a mock bloody execution of a sitting president. Nobody's buying it, not even CNN.

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