June 5, 2017

Suggestions on avoiding pop culture's swan dive into excrement

I've blogged about this notion in the past - pop culture has over time, become bland, uninspired and beyond that, often disgusting. Forget comparing Eminem to Bach, how about comparing the Black Eyed Peas' Boom Boom Pow (2009) to Roxy Music's song Avalon (1981).  It presents an intensely noticeable decay of effort, quality,  thoughtfulness talent and skill, in just a span of  28 years.  And yet the former video has over 260 million views (as of this writing) compared to a mere 10 million for the latter.  And there are far worse offerings than the Black Eyed Peas - there are some truly disturbing things out there masquerading as entertainment and culture.

Granted there's a generational shift in viewing habits - buts that is precisely part of the problem, isn't it? What have we let ourselves become?  As Paul Joseph Watson explains - culture is supposed to elevate us, but it has deliberately, done the exact opposite, reducing people to our basest level.  It's truly sad what society has become.

As conservatives we might have lost the culture war in terms of entertainment media, education in schools, and of course the news coverage of event but we still have ways to win. I used to think that taking back those elements was crucial to cultural victory. But that will take generations to achieve. Fox News has been highly successful (until recently) in offering alternatives to the likes of CNN's bias. But Fox's status in that regard is now in question. We cannot rely on Facebook, Twitter or Google searches to be unbiased.

But as parents we still have one thing we can control - our own family agenda. And that's where we can instill a generational shift in ideas. How? By changing the venue of our children's activities. There are no politics in soccer camp. There is morality we can choose to expose our kids to in Sunday School. There are piano lessons, swimming lessons. There are no disgusting rap lyrics in a family walk in the park. There are no violent video games at the beach. There is no lewdness is a game of Monopoly.

Filling our children's time up with family activities and physical activity has the double effect of bonding with quality time and removing the incredibly negative impacts of cultural decay. No, it's not always free or cheap, but it can be if you are creative. And yes, it is time consuming as an adult to spend time reading to your children and doing all of these activities. I didn't say it was an easy or cheap. It's an exhausting effort to be sure. But isn't investing in the development of our children the greatest responsibility of parents? Are they not worth it? And in terms of saving your country, it's the one weapon you can use to have a direct impact on the future.

I must confess that I did not do perfectly in this regard myself. I did merely okay. But knowing what I know now I hope to do better with my grandchildren someday.  Which brings me to my last point - support.  Undertaking this effort requires support.  It requires family and it requires a community of like-minded people with similar objectives to support each other and develop community activities that support these objectives.  But it is all achievable, and reducing the cultural decay could be a beneficial side effect.  Not only growing the alternatives to the decay, but a lowering demand for the social tripe being proffered might jolt the culture into some better alternatives as a means of survival for artists and musicians.  In any case, it's better than doing nothing but complaining.

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