June 21, 2017

Take Ossoff - Dems lose, again

Republicans win, again. Jon Ossoff, the latest Democrat poster boy for anti-Trumpism, and a man who tried to sound like a conservative in his commercials lost to a Republican.  Democrats are proving they cannot beat not only Trump, but in more general terms, elections.
Republicans held on to a hotly contested U.S. House seat in Georgia on Tuesday, beating back an aggressive challenge that showed the Democrats’ inability to turn opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency into electoral gains.

Republican Karen Handel, a former Georgia secretary of state, beat Democrat Jon Ossoff, a onetime congressional aide, in the most expensive House race in history and the most significant test of the two parties’ political strength since Mr. Trump’s election.

In nearly complete results, Ms. Handel had almost 53% of the vote to just over 47% for Mr. Ossoff, the Associated Press reported.

In winning the seat, Republicans overcame a Democratic advantage in campaign spending and demonstrated that Mr. Trump retained political capital in the district.
The trend of Democrat losses continues.  This race was a lot closer than it should have been but that's largely attributable to the massive spending Dems threw at trying to win what would have been a mostly symbolic victory.

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