June 18, 2017

Sunday Links

Some interesting (and often quick) reads for your Sunday morning.

-Via The Right Pundit, CNN is deliberately getting even the simplest things wrong. 

-Via The Right Scoop, only 80% of the Trump Russia investigation left to go. Clearly the timing is designed to push an impeachment vote circa 2018 or 2020 elections.

-PJ Media says it's not a civial war, it's an American divorce.

-Via Poweline, St. Louis Cardinals stand up to LGBT bullying and let a Christian speak.

-Gateway Pundit updates us on the "crazy fake Indian".

-Let's hope Politichicks are wrong about this one, but I suspect they are not. We're literally on a highway to hell it seems.

-Wizbang says, shun Coulter.

-Small Dead Animals succinct take on communist flavored ice cream.

Mainstream outlets:

Odds & Sods:

-We have a Republican Congress.  Why are we wasting time on things like this?

-Whatever happened to Protein Wisdom???

-Update - continue not bothering to check on former conservative turned crazy lunatic leftist website Little Green Footballs (deliberate link miss).  It still sucks sewage.

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