June 24, 2017

Leftist propaganda vs. The Red Pill

Fellow Canadian Gavin McInnes speaks on the documentary The Red Pill, takes a look at the double standard when it comes to men's rights in today's society as compared to the free reign given to the likes of Michael Moore and Al Gore. McInnes is spot on - any movie that does not advocate for undeniable evil (e.g. murder,"the killing of children") should be allowed to be seen, particularly when it comes to documentaries.  Ideas can be debated, it's when you don't give ideas a chance that you homogenize the population and destroy real diversity (the diversity of ideas), which is something the left argues it stands for, universally.  Clearly that's not true.

Look, not every idea is a good idea.  Some are terrible.  But if you let those terrible ideas be heard, and then counter them with counter arguments ultimately people will see them for what they are: bad ideas.

I think ultimately this is the only place the progressive left has left for itself to go.  They have become so strident in their screaming down and censorship (both overt and covert) of opposing ideas, that people are finally starting to catch on. This is why Trump won the election.  It's why no one believes his approval ratings are or were ever at 39%  (outside of the leftist echo chamber, the shrill media and perhaps some despondent establishment, do-nothing Republicans).

The only way out for the left is to return to previous form and allow a platform for the right and then hope that they can drown out those ideas by sheer volume of counter opinion.  I don't believe they've grasped that it's their only way out of irrelevance now.  Even if they do already realize it, it's going to take them decades to undo the damage they have done to themselves.

I watched an interesting video this morning, Milo Yiannopoulos appeared on the Anthony Cumia show and they covered a wide range of topics over 48 minutes. But relevant to the topic at hand, Milo and Anthony both touched brilliantly on the same issue of how the left has done tremendous damage to itself. You can catch the entire video here or here [warning - strong language].

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