May 9, 2017

Comedians on Political Correctness (Part 1)

Back in the Cold War Era, liberals used to say that the way to defeat the totalitarianism of the Soviet Union was not to defeat them the way president Ronald Reagan did - by outdoing them in military spending, rather by exposing them to the lifestyle of the west.  By trading with them and giving the Coca Cola, blue jeans etc. they would be emotionally won over by the superiority of Western culture and socio-economic values.  Okay, it was never really tried so we don't know whether it might have worked.

But it's interesting that the left wanted this approach - engagement - in defeating the Soviet Union (maybe disingenuously perhaps), but do not espouse the same approach when it comes to ideas within Western society.  The want to police your language if you disagree.  In essence they want to police your thoughts.  Now that liberal control of the media is ubiquitous, suddenly having counter-cultural ideas are poison.  When liberal counter-culture was more of a sub-culture, it was the exact opposite: challenging their ideas was repression.  Apparently liberals are pretty much all ironically-challenged.

Comedy is an area that is being hard hit by political correctness.  Thankfully comedians are standing up to face it.  For those of us on the right, it's ironic that we seem to need to rely on comedians to fight this battle because we can't seem to do it very effectively ourselves.  Nevertheless, comedians do their verbally astute best to carry the fight against political correctness forward. Well some of them do.

Most recently, John Cleese:

Jerry Seinfeld:

Bill Maher, normally a liberal lunatic, sees it too, albeit from that perspective.  If it has gotten to Bill Maher, you know political correctness has gone way, way too far.

More examples to follow.

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