May 3, 2017

Note to GOP - snatch the first Trump offer you get

Donald Trump often sounds like a Democrat - so says Bloomberg - and he's "poking every major constituency in the eye" referring to Republican doctrine must haves.
This try-anything-that-works approach helped Trump win the White House, with voters who were tired of rigid partisan ideology, but it has made governing more challenging as fellow Republicans often don’t know what’s coming next.
And that's the point. The Republican congress has moved abysmally slowly and has yet to learn that what got Trump elected was the push to do something, anything, that might fix the economic and moral malaise America finds itself deep within. Trump would be smart to start moving left, if only to scare the GOP into a sense of urgency. If they see an Obama II agenda shaping up, they might be more willing to urgently engage the president and strike a deal that includes much or some of president Trump's agenda items in exchange for a more right-leaning package. With appointees like Gorsuch for the Supreme Court the president has proven he can do conservatism. What he likely won't do, is conservatism on establishment terms. Learn from that GOP.

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