May 31, 2017

5000 posts later...

Back in November 2008 I first took to blogging about politics here on Nonsensible Shoes.  This is my 5000th post.  In the intervening 8+ years, I've gotten over 1.4 million page views (wow!).  I never imagined that I'd still be blogging this much later, especially if someone had told me that for all of the effort, I'd have made less than $500 in that time.

Seems futile when you put it in that light.  But that's not the primary point of this blog. 

The purpose of this blog is to espouse common sense conservatism and to be part of the pushback against liberalism in it's current form - hateful, deceitful and economically and socially ineffective.  I'd hoped to be part of a deluge of conservatism against the deluge of angry, bitter liberal tripe.  Unfortunately in the time since I started the blog we've gone from BushHitler to Kathy Griffin beheading president Trump.  In other words, on the left, nothing has changed.  Perhaps collectively conservative writers/bloggers have changed some minds.  We should regard those as wins. But the left is just as bitter, as deceitful and as dangerous to liberty as ever they were.

That does not make blogs like this failures.  It makes us as important as ever in standing up to progressive liberalism in order to do everything we can possibly do to ensure a progressive dystopia does not envelop America, which I regard as the last great hope for humanity.

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