May 11, 2017

Left Atwitter

Everyone who was screaming for former FBI Director Comey's head (or job at least) when he reopened the Hillary Clinton investigation in October is now screaming that his firing by president Trump is unjust.  How do you take someone with that sort of flip-flop in position seriously?

Answer: You can't.  

The whole Russia investigation is a political witch hunt to destroy president Trump. For 7 months this supposed investigation of president Trump's White House has led to absolutely zero charges.  It will eventually lead to zero charges.  If Hillary Clinton could get away with keeping classified documents in an unsecure environment ( a very serious crime with a lot of evidence) then this pursuit of Trump collusion with Russia (with no evidence revealed so far, and none forthcoming)  is destined to fail.

But that's not the point is it?  The point is to smear the president indelibly so that he not only cannot win re-election in 2020 but he cannot govern effectively in the interim.  The point is to invalidate his mandate in the minds of the public.  And it's working - so far only with liberals and Democrats already predisposed to hate the president anyway.  But they did this same thing with the second president Bush and they tried to do it with Ronald Reagan (without success).

So far Trump is doing many of the right things policy-wise.  The economy is rebounding on the speculation of the implementation of his economic agenda.  But it's becoming clear that he is not the next Reagan.  In the face of the onslaught, he has not elevated his communication to the level of Ronald Reagan.  Perhaps he can't.

In the face of the onslaught though, I'd urge conservatives to stand fast, so long as president Trump continues to attempt to deliver on his campaign promises.

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