May 8, 2017

France Trumps Le Pen

Marine Le Pen, populist nationalist leader - not really the far-right extremist as the media so resolutely describes her - lost France's runoff election to Globalist, Socialist (aka "centrist" if you ask the mainstream media) and clueless neophyte, Emmanuel Macron in a blowout election.  Sad as it is for reformers around the world, it's not surprising.  France has become hopelessly socialist, hopelessly globalist and hopelessly the opposite of Brexit and Trumpian nationalism in America.

Heck, Macron has already threatened Poland with sanctions for not accepting their share of Syrian refugees.  

Le Pen was a long shot, not because her message was wrong, but because France is so far gone. It's going to turn into Greece (economy-wise) + Germany (immigration-wise) on a much larger scale because of this election.  And when that inevitably happens it's going to be hard to continue to feel sympathy for such a misguided nation of rubes.  Sorry France, but that's the truth.

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