March 16, 2017

The liberal long game on climate change

You might assume that the long game on climate change by the elite on the left is to get people invested in Carbon Trading schemes which is nothing more than a tax.  In other words the goal is to get people to become emotionally invested in the issue to the point that they voluntarily want to pay taxes to fight it.  It will keep money flowing to the government unchallenged and that supports big government and therefore the progressivist liberal cause.

That's all true, but there's an even longer game likely at play.

After all, the oceans are not going to swamp Florida - at least not in our lifetime because climate change really is beyond any meaningful human influence.  No matter what humans do for example, we could not facilitate an ice age.  So too is the case for global warming.  It happens or doesn't for reasons that are beyond our control.

Liberals - not the ones swallowing the phoney panic as gospel, the ones causing it - realize they cannot have global warming as an issue forever.  So what's the long game when the earth enters a cooling cycle and evidence runs strongly contrary to their memes?  It's simple - they will argue that their efforts successfully stopped climate change.  That's the long game: government saved you, government works.  If that ever comes to pass America, and likely the whole world at that point, is doomed to socialism.   This is why it needs to be stopped during Trump's presidency; Republicans, perennial capitulators rather than legislators, will cave if the issue continues to surge during the Trump presidency.

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