March 15, 2017

How do I know Democrats are socialists? Easy.

It really is easy to derive when you think about it - in the United States, Democrats are socialists.  Or at a minimum they are blindly moving the country towards socialism and don't even realize it.  Obviously not all of them fall into the same category.  How do I know?

Name one instance in the last 50 years that Democrats have done anything to shrink the size of government. Not one. Nae one instance Democrats have ever argued that there is too much regulation, too much taxation, too much anything involving government.  They have never once argued that the government should not be involved in something.  The solutions they offer are always the exact opposite of these ideas.  The Democrats have never once scaled back anything involving the government.

Democrats will argue that Bill Clinton produced a budgetary surplus.  No, the Republican congress did that - he merely recognized the trend among voters after the GOP Contract With America, and went along with it in order to get re-elected.  What he tried to do prior to that, having his wife push single payer nationalized healthcare was his truer color.  Truth be told, his truest color was that of personal wealth and power, the liberal stuff for him was secondary to that.

Similarly liberals will argue that president Obama reduced budgetary deficits every year, but that was only after it doubled.  President Obama was in fact the worst offender, not letting the 'crisis' of 2008 go to waste.

Liberals expand government, period.  Taxes, laws, bureaucracy, health care - you name it, the push it further.  They never acknowledge that things might have been pushed to far already and need to be rolled back.  N.E.V.E.R.  If they were truly the centrists they proclaim themselves to be they would see that yes, sometimes government goes too far.

Maybe a Trump presidency will cause them to think about it.  Probably not though, because they are bound too see Trump's presidency as one of rollbacks that they in turn need to re-rollout.

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