March 7, 2017

Wait, what now? (or Leftist Hypocrisy in America)

My how the left's visions of Russia have changed. Call it evolution if you like, to me it reeks of hypocrisy, combined with the hubris that no one will call them out on it.

Do you recall during the 2012 election cycle we got this lecture from then president Obama to then candidate Mitt Romney?

He wasn't alone - the media wallowed in the glory of the Obama putdown of Mitt Romney. And this was coming from trom the guy who said this (when he didnèt realize he had a hot mic):

But now we have this excellent assessment from the (ironically progressive leftist) Humanist Report on the state of the left today vis a vis Russia.

What changed for the left? Just Trump. They lost an election the knew with certitude that they were going to win.  As a result, their reality shifts to meet the needs of their current argument. How convenient. 

I'm not so naive as to believe Russia's interests don't include undermining geo-political adversaries like the United States. I'm sure the Russians regularly try to hack or influence what happens in America. I'm sure president Trump knows that too. But that's not the concern here, the concern is the hypocrisy of Democrats who mocked Mitt Romney in 2012 for worry about Russia and now see Russia as the biggest boogeyman on earth.

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