March 6, 2017

Yes, Trump is winning

Well, that one was not correct.
I am aware that commenting on this immediately puts me in the bucket of partisan hacks (not 'deplorables', deplore me all you want, I don't care), but Trump really is winning. Firstly, his poll numbers say so, even in what appear to be bad polls.
...Trump’s support base may be stable.

Here’s why.

According to that same poll, approximately 57 percent of voters say that Trump is doing about as well as they expected. Meanwhile, his approval ratings far outclass those of Congress, which has just a 29 percent approval rating. That’s a nonpartisan statistic. And thirty-one percent approve of Democrats in Congress, while 32 percent approve of Republicans in Congress. The most unpopular figure in American politics remains House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., with 19 percent who feel positively about her in any way against 44 percent who feel negatively about her. The Democratic Party’s negatives double up the Republican Party’s.

...This relatively positive feeling toward Republicans means that 60 percent of respondents are hopeful and optimistic about the future of the country, and 40 percent are pessimistic. And that’s with a sample that shows just 37 percent of respondents who voted for Trump in the presidential election.

All of this suggests that Americans are giving Trump a chance, and that they’re tired of the media failing to do so. They think Trump is going to bring change, and they want to allow him freedom to pursue that change. Democrats and members of the media who keep saying that Trump can’t be trusted with the tiller of government ought to have an easy solution: Give him all the leeway he wants, and then watch him pursue policies they think are unpopular. By acting as foils for Trump, the media and the left actually prop him up — they allow him to position them as obstacles to making change.
"That's with a sample that shows just 37 percent of respondents who voted for Trump". That's clearly off from the reality of the election. But there's more.

President Trump is not afraid to stand up to his detractors, and there is evidence that it works, and not just with him.  In an Op Ed piece in the New York Times, Scott Walker of Wisconsin recall election fame, stood up and counsels the president to do the same.
MADISON, Wis. — Over the last few weeks, angry voters have greeted Republican congressmen in districts around the country. As someone who has confronted similar crowds before — and lived to tell about it — I have a simple message for those lawmakers: It’s put-up or shut-up time.

Those are the exact words I told my fellow Republicans in the State Legislature in 2010, after we made big promises on the campaign trail. It was time to govern, and we did just that by taking on public-sector unions that had too much control over the government. In response, 100,000 protesters descended on the Capitol, while others protested at the executive residence and even my house.

...Despite the intimidation, we stood strong in our fight for taxpayers. It paid off, and today the budget is balanced, taxes are down and more people in the state are working than ever.

In Wisconsin, we saw how far protesters will go. My wife and I received death threats; protesters dressed as zombies once interrupted a ceremony while I was talking with Special Olympians. While not easy, I decided to take the high road: We learned how to make positive arguments, to communicate constantly and to remind people of our promises. And it worked.
That rigid spine approach is exactly what president Trump will do because it is who he is.  The polling will continue support him, at least when you look at the crosstabs, but only so long as he shows results, and ones that the media cannot dispute. Time will tell.

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