March 16, 2017

Trump's own long game

Liberals (Democrats) have shown their cards.  They are going to oppose, block, frustrate and impede president Trump on every front, on every day.  As I mentioned previously, this is a strategic advantage for president Trump that can fully capitalize on if he sees it.  The Russia issue, the immigration bill (version 2) that has already been struck down and similar issues are truly small ball.  

Fighting the media memes every day isn't going to improve America.  It would if the media were to change when called on their bias.  They won't, so it won't.  A partial ban on some Muslim countries' immigration is a fight worth having, and winning.  But it's not the keystone of a Trump presidency.

Cleaning up Washington D.C. is probably the keystone.  President Trump promised a lot as a candidate but cleaning up the incestuous and pit of corruption would make the biggest difference.  Jobs come from a freed up economy.  That comes from a less onerous government imposition.  That comes from less powerful government departments.  In turn that comes from smaller government departments that are not de-toothed, but certainly de-fanged.  And that cannot happen with the cabal of media, Democrats and bureaucrats stalling and frustrating president Trump at every stage, trying to shadow govern outside of the votes of the electorate. 

That requires success from president Trump.  To borrow a sports analogy, president Trump should flood the legislative zone with small items like this and tie up Democratic efforts on real non-issues so that he can move forward on real issues like his budget, the wall, the economy, fairer trade and jobs.  Those issues are the ones that will get president trump re-elected and increase Republican senate strength in the Senate in 2018. Cleaning Washington D.C. is not a 100 day job, it's going to take a decade or more and that can only happen with success building upon success.  That requires a president Trump long game.  If he can distract liberals enough to get the real victories pushed through under the cover of the hysteria that Trump's a racist on immigration, well, that's a good long game.

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