March 14, 2017

Quote of the week

I'm going to go ahead and give the Quote of the Week to Robert Tracinski at The Federalist, even though the week has basically just started.
NPR, for example, accused Pruitt of questioning “basic facts about climate change.” But the problem with global warming alarmists getting on their science high horse is that they don’t really know the science all that well, or how to talk about it.

For example, NPR goes on to say: “The view that CO2 is a major heat-trapping gas is supported by reams of data, including data collected by government agencies such as NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.” Er, which data would that be? Carbon dioxide is certainly known to be a greenhouse gas, but nobody needed NASA or NOAA to tell them that. (More on this in a moment.) Presumably NPR thinks there is data which shows that carbon dioxide is primarily responsible for recent increases in global temperatures. But “data” can’t show that. Any assertion of cause and effect in a complex system like the climate, where there are hundreds of competing variables, is someone’s interpretation of the data.
So true.  The progressive left  take a fact, skip over any links and leap straight to a conclusion - the conclusion they want.  By glossing over the middle part they hope you'll be dazzled by the conclusion and just agree with their wizardry.

I urge you to read the entire article.  It's a sobering read for those imbued with the gospel of Global Warming alarmism and for the rest of us, a smart argument to echo.

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