September 19, 2016

CNN already running cover for Clinton on Birtherism

Donald Trump on Friday denounced the Obama birtherism narrative as false.  He used the opportunity that the media was hoping would be a gotcha moment on Trump as a 30 minute free infomercial for his campaign before offering a quick denial.

The media was trolled and they knew it.  So they've turned the conference into a new wave of attacks on Trump.  CNN in particular has decided to run cover for Clinton, since Trump and others have rightly pointed out that birtherism had its roots in the Hillary Clinton camp in 2008.

Trump did not start birtherism, and CNN does not claim he did. They however, working with Politifact, determine that Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with it, and her campaign was basically free of guilt (mostly). Except Politifact is a liberal organization and has vested interest in the conclusion.

Trump has made it clear that Obama was born in America. End of story.   But the liberal mainstream media, of which CNN is a part,  needs to help Hillary get back on offense after a great week for Trump and a terrible week for Clinton.  Birtherism is their latest Holy Grail in that effort.  It's not going to work.  Trump would do well to leave this one alone, and ironically, so too would Clinton.  It's not an issue that people are going to focus on when compared to jobs, wages and security.  Nevertheless, it's going to be the meme of the week.

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