September 8, 2016

Thursday Hillary Bash - Hillary gets a C

Hillary Clinton does not get a C grade for anything she's done, not from me.  She gets a C means that she understands, and understood that a C on an email was related to the term Classified and not some weird alphabetical rating of the email. Anyone naive enough to buy her explanation is either an idiot or willingly suspending their common sense for the purpose of convenience.

Fox explains why her explanation does not hold water:

What now?  Comey at the FBI clearly does not possess the fortitude to prosecute her for these issues or he would have already done so.  The only real recourse for those who take issue with what Hillary Clinton has done is to ensure that she does not become president.  She does not deserve to be let off the hook for her lack of judgement or for her prosecutable behavior.  The only way to prosecute however, is in the court of public opinion.

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