September 7, 2016

Pelosi to Ryan: Lay down your weapons

Um, no to this hypocritical, laughable demand:
WASHINGTON — Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader, sent a letter on Tuesday to Speaker Paul D. Ryan urging him to bar Republicans from using hacked documents in the campaign, arguing that “defending our democracy is more important than any advantage or disadvantage in this election.”
Why would Ryan agree to not use every tool available to the GOP when Pelosi had no qualms about using the most nefarious tactics available when she could?  No Nancy, Ryan won't agree to it for fear of being called Nancy himself.

Pelosi has even framed the notion incorrectly. Democracy demands that inappropriate activities be not only brought to the public's attention but also questioned rigorously.  Who else is going to do that?  The liberal media?  Excuse me while I laugh.

How about instead we wait until the GOP comments are spoken to see what's in them Nancy?

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