September 20, 2016


I want to apologize for not having time to post today. I  had some great ideas but no time. And now that I have time I find that I have no energy.

Nevertheless I do want to express my exasperation at the Clinton campaign as well as the mainstream  media regarding their phony outrage over Donald Trump's son's comments on Syrian refugees and Skittles.

1. This was not the candidate it was his son.

2.  If they hope to tear down Trump by emphasizing his children didn't turn out as great as they portrayed themselves at the GO Convention they are not going to get much traction outside the liberal echo chamber. Seriously,  no one is going to care beyond 5 hours ago.

3. Trump junior's comments were not wrong.
Skittles will never amount to a deciding factor in this election. Thinking otherwise is folly. 

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