September 21, 2016

Evidence that Clinton's campaign is in danger

Some anecdotal evidence that Hillary's campaign is in trouble.

Cenk admitted it, in a desperate plea for the campaign and the media recognize it and reacte.

An endorsement of Trump on terror from...Piers Morgan???? Piers a stoutly liberal media personality.  When he clearly takes shots at Clinton and Obama, you know he's sensing which way the wind is blowing.  It's in his best interest to be on the right side.  Equally, he clearly has to be considered in his opinion to go against liberal orthodoxy on this issue.  Perhaps his own views have, to borrow an Obama term, 'evolved on this issue'.

Hillary Clinton has shockingly turned unfavorable in the resolutely liberal California.  While she is in no danger of losing the state, it is clearly a sign of a problem.  It's even worse when coupled with the fact that president Obama is putting himself on the campaign trail, unwilling to leave Hillary's chances of winning to her own devices.

Despite a massive advertising spending differential, Hillary can't pull ahead in Florida (and elsewhere) and is even in danger of losing.

And there's this:

None of this proves anything.  But it does look like a crumbling has started.  It can't likely be stopped via business as usual.  The debates may change things, but the operating model the Clinton campaign is using hasn't been working for a while.

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