September 15, 2015

Trump vs. Sanders

I'm trying to envision a presidential debate a year from now between two potential nominees - Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.  Trump will have his built his reputation as the ultimate outsider, Sanders as the non-Democrat Democrat who also has new ideas.

Sanders:  I've built my career on being a non-establishment candidate.

Trump: Please Bernie, you are just as much of an insider as Hillary Clinton.

Sanders: No I'm not.

Trump: Listen Colonel, even if you were an outsider, which I highly doubt, your solution to the problems facing the country are to build more inside. You want more government, more infrastructure.  Decades of that has shown that it doesn't work.  Your solutions won't work. You want more of the same.

Sanders:  Let's talk about insiders Donald, you have provided paid support to Democrats, you have have provided paid support to Republicans, and both many, many times.  You are the ultimate insider and you are part of the problem we are trying to fix.



Moderator: It looks like we've reached a Mexican standoff here.

Trump:  Mexicans???

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