September 30, 2015

Clinton foibles

A couple of  Thursday Hillary Bash sort of pieces on a Wednesday.  Why not?

Firstly it looks like her campaign workers are violating election law.
A Hillary Clinton campaign worker has been caught on film apparently committing a felony by advising Las Vegas Hispanics how to vote while he is helping them register.

Hidden camera footage shows Henry Engelstein, identified as a campaign 'fellow,' reeling in Spanish-speaking Nevadans on a Las Vegas street with a comical picture of Donald Trump on his smartphone.

'THIS IS MY RESTING B**CH FACE,' the photo's caption reads, meme-style.

'Un payaso muy grande, si!' Engelstein tells passers-by. ('Yes! A giant clown!') In the video, shown to exclusively by the conservative group Project Veritas Action, he boasts that Latinos' anger against the billionaire Republican front-runner is ample motivation for them to register as voters....

James O'Keefe...'At this very moment there are individuals working as paid staffers for the Clinton campaign that are in fact Project Veritas Action journalists. This is far from over, Hillary.'

Nevada law makes advocating for or against a candidate during the voter-registration process a Class E felony.
Go James. Meanwhile are we underestimating or overestimating Hillary's Democratic electoral strength? Possibly both.
It may be that Clinton is both stronger in some ways, and weaker in others, than is generally acknowledged. In the current scenario, her strengths are probably being underestimated. In a future scenario where a Democratic heavy decides to challenge her, her weaknesses are probably being underestimated.

The good news for Clinton is that the calendar is very much her ally. And in a few more weeks, the event horizons on those other scenarios will disappear and her window of vulnerability will begin to close.
 Interesting article, and probably quite accurate.

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