September 20, 2015

Sunday Linkaround

A few links to some interesting Sunday reads.  Firstly, a couple of links to a few reads related to papal political activism and the role of the church in American politics. Now that the left has a socialist president, suddenly it's all cool for there to be a tighter link between Church and State.

But really, how reasonable is that?

Pundit Press: If the pope really cared about the poor...

How does that relate to how America is governed? 

Political Pistachio: Is America founded on Christian principles? The Treaty of Tripoli analyzed.

On an unrelated and more light-hearted note or two:

Left Coast Rebel: The Notorious B.U.S.H. Also, Left Coast Resistance.

But back to the serious situations facing America.  Why Americans don't want yet another politician in the White House, courtesy of Fredd.

And how does Mean Ol' Meany see the current state of the nation?  Funny you should ask, he has an update for you.

And for those of you still unsure of who Donald Trump is as a political candidate.  Join the club with Teresamerica.

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