September 21, 2015

Stump for Trump: Democrats' Operation Chaos?

The Stump for Trump girls have switched parties to vote for Donald Trump - in the primaries. Watch how that gets emphasized in the latter part of the video Is this just the Democrats' attempt to conduct an Operation Chaos and ensure that an unelectable candidate is the GOP nominee?

Don't get me wrong, if this is for real, it's terrific and we should appreciate Donald Trump expanding the Republican tent to voters who would otherwise never vote Republican.

But color me skeptical.

Not convinced it's a ruse? Read the description on the Youtube page (emphasis added):
Diamond and Silk will vote for Donald Trump in the primaries, we want him as the nominee and the front runner for president. Since the GOP and the media is against Donald Trump then we the American people will stand with Donald Trump #stump4trump

In 2008 Somebody in the democratic party started the rumor that the current president was a Muslim so stop Blaming our man Donald Trump!
No mention of "next president". Why? Because he's beatable?

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