September 29, 2015

Crazy stuff liberals want to do

My wife was telling me she read that liberals in Canada are circulating a petition to outlaw speaking of religion and politics in public.  "No way" I said.  Even liberals aren't that dumb.  Maybe I'm wrong.

Apparently the left in America are trying to socialize pedophilia.  Paranoia?  Possibly, but look at the history of planned decay, as pointed out over on Diogenes' Middle Finger.
Its long been a chorus over the years that cultural conservatives have heard. No-fault divorce will not cause a breakdown in marriage and family, you heartless jerk! Relaxing sexual mores will not result in increased teen pregnancy and social decline, you cold-hearted monster! The responses are remarkably consistent from the same groups of people: any resistance to moving away from proven and trustworthy social morals is a terrible, restrictive, and even fascist thing.
 Each step worse than the next, accompanied by assurances that any worry is foolishly misplaced.


  1. "a petition to outlaw speaking of religion and politics in public". That's nothing! I understand some of you conservatives up there are actually thinking for yourselves, in the privacy of your own homes! This cannot be tolerated!

    1. We have to think in private doing so in public would result in gluten-free, vegan-led, politically correct shaming.


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