October 29, 2013

With Obamacare Cost of Coverage Rising, Do You Care About Excuses?

Shop, sure.  Good luck finding it though.
CNN Money just posted an article admitting that Obamacare is getting pricier for individuals but they are quick to point out - there's a reason for that.  The problem with the reason they offer, is that not only is it lame, it still doesn't justify anything that's happening now.
(emphasis added)
Attention those with individual insurance policies: Get ready to shop on the Obamacare exchanges and likely pay more for coverage.

Millions of Americans who now have insurance on the individual market will not be able to keep their policies, as President Obama had promised. That's because the plans don't meet the minimum standards required under the Affordable Care Act, including a $6,350 limit on annual out-of-pocket costs and coverage of mental health, maternity and medication.

These new requirements are forcing many insurers to either add benefits or terminate the policies. The new offerings usually come at higher rates because they offer more comprehensive coverage and must be offered to people with pre-existing conditions. Many insurers have been able to keep rates low because they offered catastrophic plans with high deductibles and minimal benefits, and they could cherry pick among applicants to only pick the healthiest ones.
President Obama  promised Americans that they could keep their policies. They can't.  The Affordable Care Act prohibits some existing plans from existing as is. Therefore the law explicitly is causing policies not to be grandfathered but rather mandated out of existence.  He signed the Affordable care Act into law.  Did he even read it?  Maybe he was waiting to pass it to find out what was in the bill. Either the president was lying when he said that you could keep your coverage, or like he claims is the case with NSA spying on world leaders, he has been clueless about the details.  Deceitful or incompetent, those appear to be the choices regarding the leader of the free world.
Assuming they didn't know these unintended consequences would occur, what makes any liberal think that they are right about the costs of Obamacare, or anything else related to it's implementation?
On a related note - they've said that the Healthcare.gov website would be fixed by the end of November.  Don't hold your breath.  Firstly, it's a big task and rushing the job will only exacerbate the underlying issues.  Secondly, under Obamacare, you are not likely covered for holding your breath.  There's a "breath panel" for that.

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