October 24, 2013

Thursday Hillary Bash - Slagged by The New Yorker?

A quick bonus item on Hillary Clinton today - apparently someone unexpected sees her candidacy as a train wreck - New Yorker Magazine had this to say;
Do people really think that a Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign is a good idea—for the Democratic Party, our collective sanity, even for her? Maybe it doesn’t matter; some political locomotives just move ahead, even if the wreck is predestined, and her campaign is now coming around the bend...

This is not a matter of a woman in politics being unfairly asked about her husband’s business. Saying that her position as Secretary of State was not part of the bundle of power and what might be called glamour that the Foundation offered is not a serious proposition. And by adding her name at the moment she, to all appearances, is getting ready to run, she has effectively made future influence part of the Foundation’s prospectus...
You can read the article here.
yes, it's an attack from the left flank, but her path which will start to seem even more inevitable in the coming weeks as she rolls out her return to politics, in reality is becoming less so.

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