October 30, 2013

Republican Storm A-Brewin'

If the RINO faction of the GOP is going to go after the Tea Party.  They are attempting to battle stupid with even-more-stupid.
The so-called moderate wing of the GOP (i.e. RINOs) is clearly interested in taking out Tea Party candidates prior to the next mid-term elections in 2014.  Don't believe it?
Via the Washington Post:
Utah, one of the most Republican states in the nation, has a long tradition of being represented by pragmatic, business-minded conservatives in the U.S. Senate. Lee broke that pattern by governing as an ideological firebrand — standing alongside Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) in the push for a shutdown in a failed bid to undermine President Obama’s health-care law.

As a result, Lee’s approval ratings in Utah have cratered, and prominent Republicans and local business executives are openly discussing the possibility of mounting a primary challenge against him. Top Republicans are also maneuvering to redesign the party’s nomination system in a way that would likely make it more difficult for Lee to win reelection in 2016.
That's just one example.  Bloomberg puts it differently, pitting business groups against the Tea Party. In any case it appears to be more than just smoke, although it's in the early stages of fermentation. 
Here's the problem for GOP RINOs.  If this gets perceived by Tea Party supporters as The Establishment Strikes Back, Tea Party voters will have the last word by not turning out for the mid-term elections.  In a lot of cases if not most, or all cases, not having the support of Tea Party voters is going to do a lot more harm to Republican candidates in the general election that the good it will do in attracting moderate voters, low information voters and conservative Democrats (which don't really even exist).  Without the Tea Party, the GOP can not secure a win in a lot of districts.
Taking issue with the obstinacy or vehemence of Tea Party candidates who want to stop the march of socialism at all costs - even electoral victory - is one thing.  But attacking them is not the solution.  Tea Party enthusiasm and energy is an asset, not something to be squashed.  Talk about wasteful.  Talk about a misuse of assets. Talk about reprehensible.  The 2010 electoral wave for the GOP was a direct result of that Tea Party energy.  How RINOs in the GOP don't see that is disturbing
Really, both the Tea Party and the GOP establishment can be questioned on tactics.  For that matter they can be questioned on strategy as well.  There are a lot of other options than a house divided.  Pretty much every single strategic and tactical option is better than a GOP internal feud.
Democrats must be secretly smiling with glee.

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