October 15, 2013

Liberal Shenanigans

I'm calling Shenanigans on the liberal Democrats running the country.  Two stories on Fox News caught my attention today, firstly, one about Democrats nixing the GOP proposal to solve the debt ceiling showdown - BEFORE they have even seen what is in the plan.  They continue to get away with such ludicrous behavior because the press are unwilling to call them on such blatantly hyper-political acts, in a climate where Democrats claim the sky will fall if a deal isn't reached.
The White House and its Democratic allies in Congress moved to shoot down an emerging House Republican budget proposal before it even left the ground, blasting the late-breaking plan as a "partisan" product that would imperil efforts to meet the looming debt-ceiling deadline.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid turned a deaf ear, declaring categorically that it "won't pass the Senate."

But Republicans, who say their counter-proposal is still being worked out, claimed the details of their plan are not so far off from a bipartisan approach being crafted in the Senate. Both plans would fund the government through mid-January and raise the debt ceiling through February -- a key difference is the House framework would delay a controversial medical device tax in ObamaCare. Republicans urged Democrats to give it a chance, and questioned why they would preemptively reject it.
How long until Democrats claim the Republicans aren't serious about solving the crisis and have put nothing on the table? Shenanigans. But it doesn't end there. Here's another scandal in the making - former ACORN staff are working on behalf of Obamacare, getting people to sign up for the program.
A group formed from the ruins of ACORN is hard at work signing people up for ObamaCare, and may be collecting taxpayer cash for their work despite Congress' efforts to cut the organization and its affiliates off from government funding, a watchdog group charged.

The United Labor Unions Council Local 100, a New Orleans-based nonprofit, announced last month it would take part in a multi-state "navigator" drive to help people enroll in President Obama's health care plan. The labor council was established by ACORN founder Wade Rathke after his larger group was broken up amid scandal in 2009 and banned from receiving taxpayer funds.

“At a time when our government has ceased functioning due to an appropriations gap, it is ironic that America’s tax dollars are being doled out to an entity whose poor stewardship of our funds was well-established by Congress,” said Dan Epstein, executive director of Cause of Action, a nonpartisan watchdog group based in Washington.
Shenanigans. This administration has been up to shenanigans on an epic scale and will continue to do so until 2016 because they simply are not going to be forced to answer for them. Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the NSA snooping on journalists and regular Americans like all other scandals have simply been ridden out. The stomach turns at it.  How is this all allowed to continue?

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