January 22, 2013

Winter Doldrums

Just a reminder.
Yesterday was inauguration day. Perhaps it's because I've got a lot on my mind - work, personal life - that it wasn't exciting for me.  Maybe it's just the winter doldrums.  A lot of bloggers I talk to are not posting as much right now, and web traffic is down.  It just seems slower and less important right now.  I'm not suggesting it stays that way, just that right now everything is blah.

After the inauguration a lot of pundits on  Fox were all over the combative liberal nature of Obama's speech. It was liberal all right, but I don't know that it was reasonable to expect anything else like a conciliatory tone. That's based on what - history?  Maybe, but not Obama's history.  It was an unsurprising speech.  It was also pretty pedestrian.  There was no soaring rhetoric or vision statements, just a rehashing of previous speeches.  Bland, unexciting.  Enough to lull the right into inaction perhaps, in which case it was a brilliant effort.

I'm not impressed.  The gun law debate and Obama's executive orders?  Yawn.  Whatever foolishness happens will have to be undone in four years or else it will be made the societal norm.  Either that, or not enough people care about the 2nd Amendment, in which case I say, you get what you deserve for not winning over hearts and minds.

Netanyahu is up for re-election in Israel.  He'll win a smaller majority coalition than he has now.  Good, but also a yawner.

Beyonce faked her inauguration Star Spangled Banner.  Okay.  Less important than the fact that we let Obama win again.  I don't care if she faked it. I don't care that she 'sang' it.

The national debt cliff (not the fiscal cliff) is the real problem, and everyone seems content to let the dangling over the cliff edge continue.  Oh well.  Everyone it seems, has the winter doldrums.  That must be the explanation for the carefree attitudes.

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