January 4, 2013

Site Updates

I mentioned back in December that I was going to be making some changes to the design of this blog. As of today I have added some quick links to my Twitter Google+ and Facebook accounts as well as subscribing to my Site Feed and Youtube Account. I have also added an ARCHIVE page today to free up some space on the main page.

The archive only includes the last 500 or so posts, which means only about a year's worth of posting there. Adding more causes the page to load too slowly.

I've also changed my links into categories and have some more editing to do there.

Needless to say it's all a work in progress and more changes are coming.

Stay tuned for more.


  1. Looks good Dean. It's always a good idea to keep things fresh.

  2. Hopefully more to come.

    Thanks for the feedback Grant. Happy New Year.


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