January 27, 2013

Sunday Linkaround

Not much time to post this weekend, but here's some good reading in lieu of reading something here.

OpiniPundit: I bet a lot of you -even conservatives - didn't see this. I've been admittedly busy, but I didn't.

The Scratching Post:  We'll find the money somewhere.  Never mind the "of course it's this bad" reaction you'll have, the really question is how do we fix this mentality.

Capitalist Preservation captures the video of Hans-Hermann Hoppe on how to debate Paul Krugman.  I've featured Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the Saturday Learning Series here.

Bluegrass Pundit: a heartening story about the 4th Amendment that is only missing the happily-ever-after of the government learning a lesson from it.  This or something like it, will happen again.

Conservatives For Congress: Senator Ted Cruz on the rebirth of conservatism.

Right Wing News:  Information as a contaminant.

Blog de King Shamus: Republican governor Scott Walker is packing a big...budget surplus.


He doesn't post as much as he used to, but Mean Ol Meany is still worth reading.

Pundit Press - Bush mocking.

Commonsense and Wonder: Low info voters outed.

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