January 25, 2013

Why Obama won re-election

No rational, thinking person would give Obama a second chance, but he won re-election.  How is that possible?

Well, people like this are allowed to vote.  It's both amusing and sad that people can be this clued out and still be part of the group responsible for electing the leader of the free world.  I bet if Peter Griffin were running most of these people would for him - even though he's a cartoon.

Another Peter - Peter Schiff explains the voters here.  He also comments (too briefly - see below) on why Democracy represents a tyranny.

The founding fathers warned us years ago about the dangers inherent in democracy. They considered democracy to be tyranny of the majority. In fact, they actually referred to democracy as "mobocracry." That is why they established the United States as a Republic. The Constitution guarantees to each state in the union a Republican form of government, and contains all sorts of safeguards to protect us from the evils of democracy. Unfortunately over the years, little by little, those safeguards have been torn down. The result has been every bit as disastrous as the founders feared.
 That understanding - that democracy can be every bit as tyrannical as any other form of government (yet less visibly so) - also explains why they built so many checks and balances into the Constitution..  Sadly those too have been sapped away over time.

The tyranny of the mob combined with the dumbing down of society may be beyond repair now, but I hope not.

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    "... Obama a second chance, but he won re-election. How is that possible?"

    Got to give Mr Obama credit for the successful record of accomplishments during his first term; passing ACA, improving and expanding private industry growth in USA, protecting Social Security/Medicare, etc.

    Add to this, the RepublicanT Party gave the voters a chance to vote for cutting the people's throat for the sake of international corporations.

    People may be 'dumb' (your term), but not so dumb as to trust the AngryOldWhiteMan Party.

    Ema Nymton
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