January 31, 2013

Jamaican accent racism

The new Volkswagon commercial has been deemed racist.  Comedian Jim Norton has a great take on it.  First, here's the commercial;

Some journalists have called the ad racist. Comedian Jim Norton has the perfect take on it on his Facebook page:
Once again, hypersensitive, politically correct frauds are 'outraged' over something they deem racist. There seems to be nothing these redundant bores enjoy more than the feeling of self-righteous indignation. This time, it's a Volkswagen commercial with a bunch of white people talking in Jamaican accents as part of the company's 'Get In, Get Happy' campaign. It's a silly commercial embracing the Jamaican attitude of just letting things roll off your back, no stress. (The commercial, of course, has been embraced by Jamaica). Who had a problem with it? Who else? Stupid, babyish Americans. So far, the two most vocal have been Charles Blow, a black, embarrassingly predictable New York Times reporter and Barbara Lippert,a 'pop-culture guru' and arguably the ugliest woman I've ever seen. (And that's saying something; I've slept with a LOT of borderline-disfigured disasters). When will people stop their dull, repetitive bellyaching that everything that deals with race, or parodies race, is racist? I tend to hate intellectually elitist idiots who think they 'see what the rest of us miss'. The commercial is harmless. And I guess if a white guy doing a Jamaican accent is racist, then EVERY black reporter in the United States is racist for taking on the 'whitest-guy-in-America accent', no matter where they are from. Oh, right, it doesn't work that way. Sorry.
Not much needs to be added to that. Great opinion piece Jim.

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