January 3, 2013

We need minions!

The most important activity for conservatives right now is not putting pressure on Republicans to do the right thing.  It's not identifying candidates for 2014 or 2016.  It's much more grassroots than that.  Conservatives need to get organized at the grass roots level.  The various factions of the Tea Party have had at best, mixed results.  Not to denigrate the Tea Party factions, but they have varying agendas and operational effectiveness despite their common goals.  That does not imply that we need a centralized control of a movement that is founded on the notion that over-centralization is a bad thing.

But it does mean that efforts need to be smarter.  Some Tea Party groups have had greater success and their efforts and methods should be emulated wherever possible.  The problem with that is obvious.  Since the movement is so decentralized and so disparate, it's just hard to know whom should be emulated.    In that respect, we almost need a roll call of groups - Tea Party or not - of those we can number as allies. We need minions and we need a place to share that common knowledge.  We need a group of people to start aggregating and quantifying these things.  We can't leave it to the likes of Karl Rove.  He got a lot of stuff wrong on election night and whether he had good intelligence or not the use of it was clearly not effective.

In brief, we need people who can take the data and change it into intelligence effectively.  Statistical modelers.  We need people who can take that intelligence and work on outreach to the reachable demographics and psychographics who can be turned away from blind spending to fiscal and moral responsibility.  That would be communications specialists.  We need people to organize the efforts and track the effectiveness.  In other words we need a group of database marketing specialists.  Winning elections is about efficient, effective marketing.

Once we have those people we can align on common goals.  At a foundational level, we need to get rid of Democrats.  A number of Republicans are a part of the problem, but with numbers we increase the likelihood that we can get the right decisions made - it's just a matter of probability.  But that's still a discussion for later because what is more important, is organization, and then secondly more people in the structure and then something I argued we should have started back in 2008 right after Obama won - outreach.

We need converts to liberty.  We need to talk to people who have lost sight of that rather than talking to each other.  The echo chamber made us all believe that president Obama was a lame duck in his first term with no chance ti win re-election.  Talking to each other is useful, making more conservatives is far more useful.  

That's where we need to go in the near term  and we need to do it fast.  Here's my suggestion - we start by doing it ourselves. I need minions.  We can start capturing information and organizing it here, ourselves. If you are interested, send me an email.  If you know someone who can help, let them know.  Or if you want to run things, if you need minions, let me know too.  It doesn't matter where we organize this, as long as we get it done.

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