October 15, 2009

Rush Thrown Under The Team Bus

The NFL has not had a record of being kind to Rush Limbaugh. While experimenting with the role of, pardon the wording, color commentary persona, rush made some comments about what he felt was the reason behind the media's kid gloves coverage of quarterback Donovan McNabb. He alleged it was because they wanted a black quarterback to succeed. He was not long for the job after that.

The left gleefully went after him for race baiting or being racist, despite the facts. If you look at the thrust of his comments, they were not about race but about the disingenuous nature of the media on the issue. He, and others, have drawn the same conclusion in the case Barack Obama and his candidacy in 2008 and his Presidency now. Those who have done so are being tarred as racists. Those who oppose the President on any basis have by many on the left had racism assigned as their only possible motivation. Its been used in an Alinsky-like manner to discredit credible concerns - probably because its easier than arguing the real merits of the issue. So liberals are just following a play book or they are lazy.

But with Rush it gets worse. Yesterday he was dropped from a bid to purchase the St. Louis Rams football team. It appears the bid was destined to fail if he remained part of it. Why? Because of who Rush Limbaugh is - an effective and powerful voice for conservatism. Rush was having quotes attributed him that he did not say.

Rush is not a racist. He is a rugged individualist. He believes, as do I and many others, that any person deserves equal opportunity to succeed, but no one deserves to have forced upon them the burden of enforced equality of outcome. For that reason the unequal treatment of someone because of race (either denial of freedom or opportunity or favoritism of freedom or opportunity) is anathema to fairness. Quotas are unfair. Appointing judges who have racial sensitivities is unfair - isn't justice supposed to be blind?

Because of his views, Rush has been societally excluded from pursuing his own dream of being involved with football. It seems that because of his views (some real and some imagined of him) he has had that equality of opportunity removed. This is not the America conservatives have strove to achieve. I doubt it is an America most liberals if they are honest with themselves and not consumed with hatred for all things Rush would want either. Only those who truly espouse political correctness could argue any other point of view. But those people would have to value political correctness above the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. That just seems completely un-American.

At first I took issue with Rush's statement that this was about liberals out to destroy America. I thought it unfair, but really it was just about Rush. Be it accidentally or not though, this does go to a deeper issue and once again Rush is right. This is another one of the thousand cuts that will lead to the death of America.

If I were Rush I would seriously consider at the very least discontinuing talking about the NFL on his show. Whether or not the pressure to remove him came from the players, the left or wherever, ultimately the owners and the league definitely want to shy away from controversy. It's just not their style. They are a status quo group. Some would classify that as conservative, not me.

In any case - they did him no favors by not coming out and saying he has as much right to team ownership as any other non-criminal citizen who has the money to consider investing in a team. They didn't help Rush so they must not want his business. So why should he promote theirs?

Knowing what I do of Rush, which is no more than anyone who listens to his radio show, he will not be so petty. It is not his nature and furthermore, football is a passion for him. He cannot simply turn that off. He enjoys talking football and will continue to do so I suspect. At least he still has that freedom left.

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