October 15, 2009

What's Up With Pakistan?

I'm not sure how many people are aware of this but there's been a recent spate of bombings in Pakistan.  Okay, maybe you were aware of that.  But were you aware of the fact that the majority of those terrorist bombings (yes Virginia Obama, there really is terrorism in the world) have targeted police or police training facilities?
The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the Lahore attacks, according to one television news report. Two of the three targets -- a Federal Investigation Agency and two police training centers -- had been struck by insurgents before, authorities said.
 Now why would that be?  It would seem that if you are invested in terrorism you are also invested in chaos.  It makes being a terrorist easier if there are fewer police trying to root you out.  The goals of the Taliban and terorist groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan are not short term goals.  They are thinking attrition and continued chaos.  They believe they can win by outlasting American resolve to win.  Judging by the mood in the capitol, they may be right.

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