October 2, 2009

Mobile Post: Shocked By The Failure of Hype

Chicago was the first city eliminated from the running for the 2016 Olympics. This after BOTH Obamas - Barack and Michelle - and Oprah spoke on behalf of the city.

The President's rock star persona really only exists in the minds of the mainstream media, his most ardent fans and of course - the Obamas themselves.

The shock of not only the loss by ChicagObama just proves the arrogance - they expect that because The One has spoken - all will listen and obey. It proves the disconnect - they really don't hear Tea Parties because they only hear themselves, and the same is true for the Olympics.

Most importantly it proves that Obama doesn't do due diligence. Why wouldn't he have assessed the odds prior to participating in the pitch? Either he did and was self-aggrandized to the point of believing he could sway the votes, or he didn't and was clueless. Like in his vetting of his appointees.

I'm shocked too - at the level of shock. The Obamas, the MSM and the idolizers of the President really are out that of touch.

Its good news for those looking for a change in 2010.

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